Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Girl/Exchange student weekend and one family day

Cindy and I at Copper
Zana, Noah and Leif at Sol Vista

Me, Noah and Cindy in the lift line

Me and Noah Zana and Ewan playing in the snow tunnels at Sol Vista

Zana snowboarding

Noah and Zana on the mountain

My amazing friend Cindy Palmer and her foreign exchange student Lukas from Slovakia came out for the ultimate snowbaording weekend. They flew in Thur night and Fri morning we were up and off to A-Basin for some snowboarding and monoskiing for Lukas. It was a beautiful sunshine filled day with fantastic snow. After our great day there we went to Silverthorne and stayed in a hotel so we could avoid traffic and hit Copper Mountain the next day. It was a COLD snowy fantastic powder day at Copper. We had so much fun. The next we were off to Sol Vista this time Leif and the kids joined us.
Zana and Noah are so AWESOME and we had so much fun with them. We are very PROUD parents. Zana is doing great she is working on her turns and making it down the green runs now slowly and carefully (she takes after me.) But she is getting the hang of it and she is getting more confident each time she goes. Noah is just incredible he is going down the mountain like he was born to ski. This was his second time skiing EVER and he was going off the rails and jumps in the terrain park. Leif was all smiles!! Noah is so comfortable and is fairly fast and he reamins in complete control. We love our family!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Saturday Ski Trip

Yesterday we took the kids skiing. Zana went snowboarding with Leif and is doing so AWESOME! She is linking turns and is looking so comfortable on the bunny hill maybe one or two more times on the bunny and Leif thinks she will be ready for a green run! Noah took Ski lessons for the first time and he loved it, he asked for a pair of skis for his birthday. Noah's instructor said he was solid and a solid level 2 now. Leif is excited to take them every weekend he can.

Ewan still has to wait a year but pretty soon we will be able to all ski/snowboard together, it is sad that kids are getting older at the same time we are loving this stage of being able to do new fun things as a family! For now Ewan and I will watch the kids progress from the lodge and then next season he will be able to join the full exciting fun.

Merry Christmas

It has been a LONG time since I have blogged!! A lot has happened since last April so I am just going to start again with Christmas. We had a great Christmas, Leif's brother Jonathan and family came the week before and we had fun with them and stayed super BUSY. Then we had a nice quiet Christmas at home then two days after packed up and stayed a week in Utah with my family and had a fun time playing games, dancing it up, and riding the Rhino.

We stayed with my Granny and she is quite the party girl! She kept us up one night until 1:30am watching movies, she is so fun and makes me feel OLD. We had lots of fun.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Happy BIrthday Zana!

Yesterday April 18th my little girl Zana turned 10. This was a happy/sad for me. It seems like yesterday she was my little baby girl and I was anxious for her to crawl, then walk, and talk. Now I am anxious for her NOT to grow up so fast.
Here are 10 things about our Zana we love.

1. She LOVES to be outdoors. Bike riding, climbing trees, crawling in the dirt if it looks fun she's up for it.

2. She loves music!! She is 100% MY girl. ;)

3. She loves church and EVERYTHING about it.

4. She loves to shop and looks amazingly cute in skinny jeans.

5. I love that she likes to try new things, volleyball has been her new thing and she is pretty good!

6. Even though she is almost taller than me she doesn't rub it in........YET. :)

7. She isn't trying to grow up to fast.

8. She is a great big sister and helps me out with the boys a lot.

9. She is still the most forgiving person on EARTH and is quick to do so.

10. She has BIG heart and genuinely loves and cares about everyone.


Leif's Grandma, Lenore Snapp turns 90.

April 8th Leif's Grandma turned 90. We went to Kansas to celebrate with all the family, we had such a great time. It was fun to be with family and fun to see old family movie's from when Lenore's kids were young. We loved to hear her stories and were glad to be apart of the whole celebration.

Lions and Tigers and Zana OH MY!

Zana went to her friend Libby's birthday and had a blast when she left this is what she looked like.

Jungle Fever.

Noah celebrated his birthday with his friends at Jungle Quest. They all had a great time.
Leif made his birthday cake it is the Omnitrix from his favorite show Ben10.